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Straight Human Hair: Straight Lace Wigs, Straight Bundles with Closure, Straight Hair Bundles, Straight Hair Extensions

Hello, welcome to the straight hair category. There are a variety of straight hair extensions and human hair wigs for you to choose from, including straight lace wigs, straight hair bundles with lace closure and straight hair bundles. They're all made of high-quality Brazilian human hair and with excellent texture. The types of human hair include remy human hair in natural color, remy human hair in pre-colored black and non-remy human hair in pre-colored black.

Among the many hairstyles, the straight hair is also one of the most popular hairstyles. Straight hairstyle gives a young and pure image of the girl next door. It has the visual effect of age reduction and can make people look younger. Straight hair is also suitable for most face shapes, such as round face shape, melon seed face shape, diamond face shape and small face, etc., using straight hair to create a gentle and fresh temperament for women. Unlike clip-in, tape-in hair extensions, our hair extensions can be installed as lace wigs, which are much more convenient for wearing and care of at a later stage. In terms of convenience, straight lace wigs have the advantage of being wear out of the box, eliminating the trouble of installation that can be worn directly after receipt.

For straight hair bundles with closure and straight hair bundles, you need to install them into a lace wig before wearing them. Although it is a little more troublesome, but there are more purchasing options to choose from. For example, you can choose 3 hair bundles or 4 hair bundles according to your needs. If you want the hair look more thicker, you can choose 4 hair bundles with lace closure or 3 hair bundles with 360 lace frontal. Of course, you can also buy straight human hair bundles separately that without lace closure to install lace wig. All straight human hair extensions and lace wigs are 100% human hair guarantee and 30 days no reason to return.

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