How to Choose the Right Hair Length of Hair Extensions or Hair Wigs?

Whether you are buying hair extensions or hair wigs, you need to choose their length first. Through this article, you will have a clear understanding of how to choose the hair length you want to buy, so as to make the right purchase choice, and make the purchased hair extensions or hair wigs meet your needs.

Hair length and hair bundles reference
Hair Length and Hair Bundles Reference

Through the above picture, we understand that different hairstyles have different visual hair lengths, and the positions of different hair lengths on the upper body. Please note that because everyone has a different body shape and head shape, the positions shown in the figure is a reference position, not an exact position.

How many hair bundles are needed to install a hair wig?

For bundles with closure, 3 bundles is a standard solution. Generally speaking, 3 bundles with closure are enough to be installed as a lace wig. But for those who want more hair volume, then the 4 bundles with closure is a better choice. And for hair bundle of 20 inches and above, we strongly recommend choosing 4 bundles with closure. For the installed wig, the more hair bundles, the more hair volume.

How to measure the hair length correctly?

From the picture above, there are difference visual lengths among straight hair, body wave hair and curly hair. This is because when measuring the wavy hair or curly hair that need to straighten wavy hair before measuring. It is also the standard way of measuring hair in the industry.

The correct method of measuring hair bundles and lace front
Correct Method to Measuring Hair Bundles and Closures

The correct method of measuring hair lace wigs
Correct Method to Measuring Hair Wigs

When measuring hair bundles, lace front or hair wigs, that need to start from the roots to the ends of the hair. For hairstyles such as wavy hair or curly hair, you need to straighten them before measuring.

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