How long does a human hair wig last?

How long does a human hair wig last? This is a question many people ask. The lifespan of a hair wig is related to the frequency of wearing it. In addition to sleeping, if you wear it every day, a well-care human hair wig can last one year.

So the hair wig can only be worn for one year, and then it breaks and can't be worn?

Of course not, one year is just the period of the hair wig in its best condition. And one year is only a reference value for the aging time of the hair wig. You can continue to wear it every day. It's just that after one year, the wig has aged a bit, but it does not affect wearing. For real human hair wigs, as long as they are with well care, it is possible to continue wearing them for two more years. For hair wigs that are not worn often can be last for many years, the premise is that you should store it properly when you are not wearing it.

For human hair wigs, the hair is real human hair, the same as our hair. The only difference is that our hair grows on the scalp, and it absorbs nutrients all the time. Because the wigs' hair has been separated from the growth environment of the scalp, there is no nutrition to absorb. Therefore, as time goes by, they will gradually fade due to lack of nutrients, lose their luster, and dry out and fall off. So, how to care for hair wig is very important that can make the hair wig last longer.

How to make a hair wig last longer?

In order to make your own hair healthy and shiny, you often wash your hair and also use conditioner to care for your hair. The hair wig is the same and needs careful care. If you take good care of it, then the hair wig can be last longer. Therefore, care for is also a key factor in determining how long a hair wig can last. The correct care for hair wig should pay attention to the following items:

  • Hair wig worn every day should be washed every half a month, or the washing cycle should be shortened according to the level of dirty hair wig.
  • Regardless of the wearing process or the cleaning process, you should not use too much force to avoid deformation or hair loss.
  • Do not perm or dye hair wig frequently to avoid damage to the hair.
  • It is best to use conditioner after washing the hair wig.
  • When the hair is knotted, you should carefully pick up the knots, and do not comb it hard to avoid breaking the hair.
  • Hair wig worn every day should be placed on the wig holder when it is taken off. Do not place it casually to prevent deformation. When it is not worn for a long time, it should be put in a breathable bag and placed in a cool place.
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