Coupons and Discount Codes

Hi there, you can find the latest FadDak discount codes here and enjoy up to 50% discount. We also welcome you to subscribe to FadDak in order to receive our discount information. At the same time, customers who successfully subscribe will get an extra $5 Off discount, and the discount code will be sent to your subscribed mailbox. You can subscribe at the bottom of the page.

20% Off for Summer Sales on All Porducts
Discount code: SM20D

$10 Off on orders over $99 with FD10
$20 Off on orders over $199 with FD20
$30 Off on orders over $299 with FD30
$40 Off on orders over $399 with FD40
$50 Off on orders over $499 with FD50

15% Off on Headband Wigs

Discount code: 15D

20% Off on Piano color hair

Discount code: 20D

How to apply discount code?

Find “APPLY DISCOUNT CODE” on the shopping cart page or checkout page, click on it and enter discount code in the input box. As shown in the image below:

To apply discount code on FadDak

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