About FadDak Hair

About FadDak

Hello, We've been waiting for you and we're so glad you're finally here!

We have been in the wigs & hair extensions (hereafter "hair products") industry for 8 years. In China, we have one factory and two warehouses. Today, we have produced and sold more than 1.8 million hair products and accumulated rich experience.

In 2016, we created FadDak.com and now sell more than 200 orders per day. We take every order seriously and carefully check each product before shipment to ensure that the items sent are intact.

As we all know, loving beauty is part of human nature, because beauty not only makes you look younger, but also makes you more confident. This is why we have been researching hair products for these years, and we have been doing it seriously that hoping to make the hair products more perfect and suitable for most people.

We are always and still strive to make you have a nice and great satisfied shopping experience and we hope that everyone who uses our hair products will have a nice time and stay in a good mood.

Our hair products have four main categories: hair extensions, wigs, bundles with closure, and hair bundles. The products include most of the styles and types currently on the market to meet the increasing demand.

  • Hair Extensions

    Hair Extensions

    Quickly increase hair volume and extend the length of hair to achieve the desired effect. Different types of hair extensions with different ways of linking with hair.

  • Human Hair Wigs

    Human Hair Wigs

    For people who often perm and dye their hair, human hair wigs can reduce their hair or avoid damage. For people with a lot of hair loss, wigs can also help them to a certain extent.

  • Hair Bundles with Lace Closure

    Bundles with Closure

    It contains hair bundles and lace front, it needs to be installed a lace wig before being worn.

  • Human Hair Bundles

    Hair Bundles

    With the sew-in method to sew hair bundles to your own hair. Hair bundles can be used alone to install wig, but the comfort and realism are not as good as those with lace front wig.

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