About FadDak Hair

About FadDak

FadDak is an e-commerce company founded in 2016 that located in Fujian, China. It sells more than 10 varieties of products including electronics, housewares, jewelry, watches, shoes and bags via FadDak.com online store.

There are too many products on the Internet nowadays that most customers have difficulty making purchasing decisions without knowing the quality and price. In view of this, all products on FadDak.com are tested by our dedicated testing staff to check the quality that to confirming the product meets the conditions for sale before sales, make the products purchased by customers are the most cost-effective.

At present, we have established cooperative relations with more than 20 manufacturers, and established close production cooperative relations with 3 factories. In the future, we will continue to expand our products, and hope to cooperate with more powerful factories, and strive to minimize the price under the premise of the same quality.

At the same time, our own dedicated design staff will also improve the design of the products based on the best sellers and deliver them to the factory for production, to further satisfy the customer experience.

FadDak Mission

Constantly discover novel and valuable products, deliver high-quality and low-cost products to customers.

FadDak Vision

Make customers spend the least time to buy the best products and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience.

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