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Human Hair 13x4 Lace Frontal Wigs: 13x4 Lace Wigs, Cheap 13x4 Lace Front Wigs for Free Shipping

Hello, welcome to the human hair 13x4 lace frontal wigs (some people call them 13x4 lace front wigs) category, all of the 13x4 lace frontal wigs for sale are made of high-quality Brazilian real remy human hair, the healthy hair without split ends, no dry, soft and smooth straight hair, full of bouncing curls, the beautiful appearance will make you like them unconsciously. These 13x4 lace frontal wigs have a variety of hairstyles to choose from, such as body wave 13x4 lace wigs, straight lace wigs, deep wave lace wigs, curly lace wigs, water wave lace wigs, loose wave lace wigs, loose deep wave lace wigs and yaki lace frontal wigs. You can choose the human hair lace wig that suits you according to your face shape and preferences.

These human hair 13x4 lace frontal wigs are available out of the box and can be worn directly after receiving the lace frontal wigs, this is very suitable for women who pursue convenience. You don’t need to install it anymore, which can save you time and tedious operations, and this is also the biggest difference between the lace wigs and hair bundles with 13x4 lace frontal. If this is the first time you buy a lace wig, the only thing you have to do is familiarize yourself with how to wear the lace wig correctly and take care of it. Don't worry, in fact, they are easy to wear, and it is also simple to care of them in the future. Because the lace frontal size for 13x4 lace frontal wigs are sizes 13x4, we call it 13x4 lace frontal wigs. Compared with 4x4 lace closure wigs, 360 lace frontal wigs and bob lace wigs they are all the same except for the lace front size. Generally, the larger the size of the lace front, the more comfortable it will be, as well as making a better looking bangs and making the lace wig more natural and realistic.

These 13x4 lace frontal wigs are in medium size and their circumference is about 22.5 inches, and there is also an adjustable elastic strap at the back inside the lace wig, by fine-tuning it, the lace wig size can be adapted to most heads. The 13x4 lace frontal wig lining is made from high-quality fabrics, which is comfort and breathable to wear. There are 4 clips inside the lace wig, which are located at front, back, left and right sides, to ensure that the lace wig is fix more firmly to the head. Welcome to buy human hair 13x4 lace frontal wigs on human hair wigs catalog, they are at an affordable price and free shipping, 100% real human hair guarantee and are available for 30 days no reason to return.

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